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Wonder No More, Here is The Difference Between Steel-Cut, Instant, and Rolled Oats

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1. The Basics Of Oat Types

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All oats are equal at the beginning as groats, when they are still in an unbroken grain state. The first common treatment they receive is to get slightly roasted at a gentle, low temperature that not only gives them a great toasty taste, but also inactivates the enzyme which causes them to go rancid, therefore they last longer on the shelves as well. The only difference between steel-Cut, instant, and rolled oats is the amount of processes they go through before getting packaged and hitting the shelves in your local supermarket. This results in varying cooking times and well distinguishable texture as well, on which you can base your preferences. Though their texture is different, as from coming from the same oat they have the same great nutritional benefits as well. Keep reading and find out which type you prefer most!

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