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Beware! Here comes the top 10 most ugliest women shoes in the world!

We’re not sure what the designers were thinking with these weird and downright crazy designs! 1. Kelis is wearing Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo heels. These appeared on the runway during his famous spring 2010 show — the last before he committed suicide. Some models actually refused to walk the show because the heels were so scary. And I don’t blame them. 2. Beyonce wore these ballet pointe heels in her Green Light music video, and now they seem to be making a trend. Originally, these were designed as a type of fetish footwear for those who are into BDSM. Well, if I...

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AMAZING! – 20 Animals You Haven’t Even Heard About!

You might think you’ve seen the world over, under, around and through, but there will still be wonders that will make your eyes pop. Even if you’re a dedicated animal enthusiast, you can’t honestly expect to know all of the 1,367,555 non-insect animal species, that are identified on the face of Earth today! Besides, new animal species might be discovered by the time you finish reading this text, so there will always be some new surprises for us out there.   1. Red-lipped Batfish Found on the Galapagos Islands, this fish is actually a pretty bad swimmer, and uses...

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Top 10 Sexiest Paparazzi Photos Of Female Celebrities

We know, we know, society as a whole has decided that the paparazzi are a lowly group of bottom feeders, but damn they can get some incredible photos. Invading a celebrity beauty’s privacy is obviously deplorable but we have to admit that we can’t stop ourselves from taking a gander at the results. For this list, we’ll be taking a look at photos celebs have had taken of them by the legion of photographers that follow them wherever they go. Hell, we all know that in some cases the subject of these pics may just have made sure word...

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AMAZING! 10 Older Women Who Look Decades Younger

1. Ernestine Shepard (77)   Shepard started her fitness journey rather late in life. She was a pudgy, middle-aged woman in her mid-50’s who hated what she saw in the dressing room mirror as she tried on swimsuit after swimsuit. Determined to shed some pounds, she found a workout buddy in her sister. Together the ladies started slowly getting in shape with aerobics classes, but in 1992, a year into their training, Shepherd’s sister died. She vowed to continue on in her sibling’s memory. 2. Apasra Hongsakula (67) Fifty years have passed since Apasra Hongsakula was Thailand’s first Miss...

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The Top 10 Most-Followed Celebrities on Instagram in 2017

The year 2017 is still young, but a few months in Instagram Time can feel like eons (so many selfies, so little time). Whether they have the most compelling feeds or just the most loyal fandoms, the celebrities with the biggest Instagram followings say a lot about the year in pop culture so far—whose feeds we’re thirsty to scroll though for endless glam shots and what makes us hit that “like” button. Below, find out which stars have the most popular accounts of the year—from those who are still holding down the top spots to those who are new...

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