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5 Essential Stretches You Can Do Right Before You Go To Bed

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5. Lengthen The Muscles In Your Abs

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In yoga they can do this position the cobra pose and it is a great way to lengthen the muscles in your abs, upper back, shoulders and even in your neck. Follow these 4 simple steps and enjoy the relaxing feeling: – Lie down on your belly and pull your arms up, rolling back your shoulders, like your are preparing for a push up; – Make sure to keep your pelvis and both legs on the ground, take a deep breath and start lifting your upper body up from the ground; – Try to extend your arms fully or as much as you can while keeping your breath in and looking up to the ceiling, bending your head back; – Keep the position for half a minute and feel a great stretch not just in your stomach, but in your shoulders and the front of your neck. A great way to relax your muscles, especially if your job involves a lot of sitting.

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