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Month: May 2017

The Best Body Inspos On Instagram

Holy guacamoly! Instagram influencers evoking wanderlust with photos taken exclusively in exotic destinations, and thanks to that (and their exceptional genetics) they gain tons of followers as well. They have the best bikini snaps without any effort (as we all know that…), and seems like life in  paradise is quite effortless. Nude bodies are forbidden to show due to Instagram policy, but these ladies get the most out of their platform between aesthetical boundaries. Even if you are the type of person, who doesn’t need inspirational boards to get on track before the bikini season, it’s hard not to...

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10 Awesome Celebrity Name Ideas For Your Newborn Baby Girl

courtesy of: You aren’t the only one who googled their names before, looking for the meaning, secret talents or special characteristics behind the word. How do you feel after reading your daily horoscope, based on your birth date? It’s kind of the same feeling when you have to name your own child. It’s written down, you can’t change that. If you believe just a little bit in these spiritual meanings behind names, horoscopes and connections between name and life goals, then this article has been written for you. We’ve selected 10 powerful, clever and not to mention beautiful, famous...

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The Best Unicorn Dessert Ideas To Impress Your Guests

courtesy of: Unicorn cookies might just be the most mystical, magical desserts we’ve ever seen that even who are not a fan of fairy tales will adore. This post will definitely fill your unicorn-lover heart with some DIY ideas and ready to eat (or just admire) multi colored, springle covered lovebugs. Some of these are a bit harder to make based only on pictures, but to get inspired never hurts, and you can save these ideas for later. It can be a pain in the neck when you have to improvise and you have nothing in your cupboards....

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10 Hilarious Remakes Of The Mona Lisa

courtesy of: There is more research on this topic than any other artistic piece before. The story started in 1505 when Leonardo painted a special lady, Francesco del Giocondo’s wife, Madonna Lisa, but this is just one of the rumours around the making of Mona Lisa’s ambiguous smile. Some modern artists get inspired by the mystery of the painting and made paraphrases manually and digitally as well. The Mona Lisa is usually held up as a symbol of emotional enigma and this richness of emotions has helped the artists to keep up with constant remaking during the years....

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8 Reasons Why Crystal Jewelry Is All The Rage This Year

courtesy of: Crystals and gems are considered to have healing properties and are used as jewelry basically since human history. Getting rid of bad luck, healing illnesses, or giving peace to a restless mind, there are countless belief we pair with these mesmerizing coloured stones. This year crystals are back and are going to be the hot items of the year. Want to find out why? Here are 8 trends showcasing their returning popularity! ←  10. Norwegian Forest Cat 1. Geodes With Earthy Tones...

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