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Month: February 2017

8 Nude Pieces That Are Totally Wearable In Every Occasion

courtesy of: After last year Christian Louboutin has launched ‘16 S/S flat shoe collection of different shades of nude, we thought it would be useful to create a kind of inspirational post. If you are a type of person who has more than 5 of the “same colour” nail polish this article is for you. Nude is the perfect colour that goes with everything and by saying that I’m really honest and will convince you, just keep reading.   ← Previous Next...

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Unusual Pets You Can Actually Follow On Instagram

Do you ever wonder about getting an exotic or unusual animal as a pet? If the answer is yes just keep reading. We’ve found 5 instagram profile led by charming not that usual pet type of animals. But you should really do researches and consider the situation before thinking about to have an exotic little friend. It’s even possible that it’s not legal in your country or it’s legal but there aren’t any wet who specialised in these species so it makes harder to provide the needed conditions. Let’s see our selection of these cuties.   ← Previous Next...

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Quench The Thirst Of Your Wanderlust With These 10 Amazing Lifetime Experiences

Travelling is already an awesome hobby and for someone new to it, any experience is satisfying and determining. Still if you consider yourself an already well-travelled millennial, here are 10 great experiences you are going to remember the rest of your life. If not permanently, but for a short time these 10 experiences are going to quench your adventure-thirst. Keep on reading and take notes as we are sure you’ll find a couple, you haven’t already done and will love.   ← Previous Next...

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5 Simple Ways To Customize The Bottom Of Your Pants And Jeans

Some trends like rolling your jeans up is already present everywhere and you can see many inspiration outfits on the streets and online on the topic. Yet we have collected 5 awesome and easy tips on how can you take it even further and match your style with one of them that suits you most. Keep on reading and find out how to execute each and what to wear them with!   ← Previous Next...

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Hoodies Are Officially Back

courtesy of: You are my type of person if you can live 24/7 in comfy clothes. Our time has finally arrived since all fashion bloggers wear this piece on social media. From fast fashion to high fashion brands started to produce this statement piece in their own style. But it’s also time to check out your wardrobe hidden corners for hoodies from the 90’ because that old Adidas one will be your next friend hopefully in the next ten years. Keep reading to find out our favourites.   ← Previous Next...

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