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Month: January 2017

10 Celebrities Who Turned Vegan For The Change

How awesome would it be being the generation who change the traditions for the better. Like it or not, celebrities have a huge influence over the crowd. Luckily veganism become more and more a mainstream diet, and even celebrities have found out the dramatic health improvement on a whole plant based lifestyle. Keep up with us to find out which beautiful actresses and handsome celebrities turned vegan.   ← Previous Next...

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Minimalistic earrings to wear on every occasion

courtesy of: Dazzling, eye catching earrings can easily make a statement but do you ever wonder which shape is the perfect for your style? If the answer is yes, keep reading! Some outfits just don’t demand oversized deco earrings or diamond studded hoops, simple chic minimalistic pendants could also make the outfit. Most of these don’t cost a fortune and match with other accessories. Let’s see our 10 minimalistic earrings collection, which are easy to wear on every occasion.   ← Previous Next...

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Always On The Move? Save Money On Your Travel Addiction With Our Pro Tips!

Travel can be the most valuable experience for many of us. Opening up your perspective on the world, experiencing new cultures, seeing unknown places and tasting delicious new dishes, just to name a few. There is only one real downside, the fact that travelling is an expensive hobby. That is why we selected some great tips on how to cut unnecessary costs right for your next trip. Keep reading and try them out, you won’t regret it! ← Previous Next...

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Wanderlust Is Calling? Become An Expert Traveller With Our Simple Tips!

Are you already travelling frequently or plan to visit exotic, remote locations? Becoming an expert traveller takes time and you need to learn many things to develop a professional personal routine. Still to help you speed up this process, we have collected some killer tips for you. Bookmark this article for the next time you need to satisfy your travel addiction and keep on reading! ← Previous Next...

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Energy For A Brighter Future

courtesy of: We’ve collected 6 cheap kindle edition books on psychology and self improvement. Carrying kindles are the easiest way to read more books in a shorter period and doesn’t take up much space. Just imagine to have the whole Harry Potter series in your clutch during the way home from work. Comforting feeling, isn’t it? But stay on topic. One can easily spend a fortune on books especially on the hardcover ones, but a kindle edition bestseller also could be expensive. With a bit of research you can find great deals on different websites. In this case...

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