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Month: December 2016

5 Awesome And Lightning Fast Stir-Fry Recipes You Can Try Out

Don’t resort to take out food anymore, instead of that keep on reading to learn our 5 simple, fun and super-fast stir fry recipes. All of them are great to cook after a busy workday, or for a Friday gathering. You are going to be surprised how effortless making pad Thai or beef with vegetables is and on top of that you don’t even need to do expensive and time consuming shopping to make these delicious dishes. Next...

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5 Essential Stretches You Can Do Right Before You Go To Bed

Stretching is a great way to give relief to you body and get rid of both mental and physical stress and stiffness. We have picked 5 great stretches that you can do right before going to or even if you are already in bed. Do any or even all of them for a relaxed sleep and don’t feel guilty if you forget them, once in a while, you can make up for it in the morning right after you got out of bed. ← Previous Next...

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Wonder No More, Here is The Difference Between Steel-Cut, Instant, and Rolled Oats

Oats and oatmeal recipes are all the rage on Instagram and no wonder it is one of the easiest and also healthiest morning recipes with basically endless possibilities to season and prepare according to your taste. You can even have a variety in the oats you use and we have prepared you the perfect guide to find out which oats you should choose and how much time it takes to prepare them just perfect. Next...

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10 Great Tips On Using Lemon Outside The Kitchen

Lemon and lime are already essential ingredients in countless recipes and great drinks. However we fell you should try out a couple of these handy tips on how to use it in other ways than flavoring your favourite dishes. We have collected 10 great ideas to start with, and then it is only your imagination that can stop you from thinking out other uses for this wonderful fruit. Next...

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Use Treadmills Like A Pro The Next Time You Hit The Gym

Running is a great way to boost your heart rate, improve your overall performance and offers many cardio-benefits. However, when you don’t have the option to jog in a park or on a sandy beach, you need to take the second best option and hit the treadmill in your local gym. Keep on reading to find out how you can tweak your sessions on this sometimes tricky machine and you are going see both an increase in your performance and enjoy your time on the belt. Next...

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