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7. Selena

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Selena Gomez is multi-talented and possesses a variety of diverse abilities. Her biggest ability is that she is able to focus on long term goals, and with her attitude and hard work the sky is the limit. She loves to travel, while working on different things at the same time isn’t a problem for her. With her upbeat and often inspiring personality, Selena Gomez makes friends easily and attracts people from all parts of life. She has a way with words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. Selena is the most successful in things that requires high level communication skills and working with other people. Her heart goes to acting and singing, but she needs to experience life before she can truly know her passion. Selena really loves enjoying great food, but her always wonderful shape isn’t just genetics. She said in interviews that she has to maintain her exercise program and to keep up with flexibility training as well.

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